Purchasing a Golf Simulator

Gifting yourself a simulator can be a costly affair and hence getting one which fulfills your needs is very important. The market is full of simulators from various brands and they range from a mere 400$ to 50K dollars. It is important to know that the cheap ones are not for professionals and should only be purchased if you are just looking to enjoy the game without worrying about the accuracy or the realism.


It does not hurt to make a list of the features you require in your golf simulator and then start the hunt. Without having a pre defined list, it can be very confusing as there are many features provided by the various simulators and not every feature would be useful to you but might look tempting. I bet that more than 50% of the advertised features are useless and you would just use it once to test and never even bother to check them again. Some people need simulator just to practice the swing while some just need to perfect their putting. If it is just a single aspect you are trying to practice then it is better to get a simulator with just that feature but in an advanced manner instead of getting all the features in its basic form.

If you are a professional and want everything from your simulator then be ready to spend a fortune on your simulator. Most of the high end simulators have some exceptional 3D courses which would make you feel that they are very much similar to the real golf course. You will almost find all the real golf courses with them and if you can’t find your favorite you can get it built by the manufacturer and they will be more than happy to design one especially for you for a small price. In addition to the realism, you would actually feel that a 100 yard shot hit by you will actually show ~100 in your simulator. They are very good when it comes to the accuracy.

If you are someone who is ready to spend more, then definitely get a touch screen monitor and a nice booth decorated to give your house a premium look.


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