Origin of the Golf Game

Golf has existed for many years but no one is sure about the origin of this game. Although many countries claim that it is their creation but there are evidences all around the world which says something else. There are references with similar games at many places but it is believed that it originated in Scotland in its proper form.


People claim that the game started with a stick and a stone and they would hit the stone with the stick in a particular direction. Whoever reaches there in the minimum number of shots wins. This was started for entertainment as in those early days there was no other means of entertainment. However there are many games which involve hitting a ball with a stick such as hockey, baseball, cricket etc hence basing golf on this fact would not be completely correct. Countries such as Italy, France, England, China claim that they are the true inventor even many Asian countries have evidences of the existence of golf. Every country had some or the other game similar to golf and hence it is a mystery.

Most of the games similar to golf were player before 300 BC and hence it is impossible to find the real inventor of this game. Hence there is no single answer to it. Well, there is actually an answer and it is that “no one knows” when it was invented. The game might have started when the earth was created hence the universe can be considered as the creator of this wonderful game. Scotland can be considered as the creator if you are looking or specific answers they were the first to start using holes in this game. And everyone is aware that golf is incomplete without hole in its current form.

We should enjoy this wonderful game and the beautiful golf courses instead of worrying about the creator of this game. Finding the creator is not going to make it any less or more favorable to the people who love this game. This game will be enjoyed by all no matter where it evolved!!

 More about the history can be found at wikipedia


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