Best Ways to Utilize Golf Simulators

Many people think that a golf simulator is just another computer game which is not true. It is helpful and useful in more than one ways provided that you know what you are doing with it. It is the only thing which gives you the real experience of playing the game. All other tools are just meant to work on a particular area but this is used to improve your overall game since you play in a way you would do on a real golf course.


In addition to practicing it can also be used as training aid with various features such as video swing analysis, club analyzer, launch angle etc. So it an all in one solution for your golfing needs. With this thing, you do not have to get separate training aids for every aspect you are trying to improve.

Another reason most people hunt for simulator is the unfavorable climatic conditions for playing the game on golf courses. Golfers know that the vast portion of the year is not suitable for playing golf and hence golfers look for golf simulators to keep themselves in touch with golf. Having an indoor golf would not give you any reason to not play the game. You can play at your convenience anytime without even worrying about the climatic conditions. This is the reason why indoor golf facilities are becoming so popular. In offseason you won’t even find a slot to play on it. More indoor golf centers are coming up everywhere. There are limited numbers of golf course in world and not everyone resides close to golf course hence many indoor golf simulators have been set there to allow the nearby people play the game of golf. This way both the players and the indoor golf center owners are benefited.

Many golf trainers think that simulator is a threat to their job which is not true. In fact trainers can make use of simulators to show their clients what needs to be improved and then working on it to make their client better player. This way the learners would also know what they are doing and why it is being done. There are many places in states where trainers have started using simulators to train their clients in a more structured manner.

Being creative is the thing here and people can do much more with simulators by applying unique ideas. It is a great tool to create business without having to put much effort.


Purchasing a Golf Simulator

Gifting yourself a simulator can be a costly affair and hence getting one which fulfills your needs is very important. The market is full of simulators from various brands and they range from a mere 400$ to 50K dollars. It is important to know that the cheap ones are not for professionals and should only be purchased if you are just looking to enjoy the game without worrying about the accuracy or the realism.


It does not hurt to make a list of the features you require in your golf simulator and then start the hunt. Without having a pre defined list, it can be very confusing as there are many features provided by the various simulators and not every feature would be useful to you but might look tempting. I bet that more than 50% of the advertised features are useless and you would just use it once to test and never even bother to check them again. Some people need simulator just to practice the swing while some just need to perfect their putting. If it is just a single aspect you are trying to practice then it is better to get a simulator with just that feature but in an advanced manner instead of getting all the features in its basic form.

If you are a professional and want everything from your simulator then be ready to spend a fortune on your simulator. Most of the high end simulators have some exceptional 3D courses which would make you feel that they are very much similar to the real golf course. You will almost find all the real golf courses with them and if you can’t find your favorite you can get it built by the manufacturer and they will be more than happy to design one especially for you for a small price. In addition to the realism, you would actually feel that a 100 yard shot hit by you will actually show ~100 in your simulator. They are very good when it comes to the accuracy.

If you are someone who is ready to spend more, then definitely get a touch screen monitor and a nice booth decorated to give your house a premium look.

Origin of the Golf Game

Golf has existed for many years but no one is sure about the origin of this game. Although many countries claim that it is their creation but there are evidences all around the world which says something else. There are references with similar games at many places but it is believed that it originated in Scotland in its proper form.


People claim that the game started with a stick and a stone and they would hit the stone with the stick in a particular direction. Whoever reaches there in the minimum number of shots wins. This was started for entertainment as in those early days there was no other means of entertainment. However there are many games which involve hitting a ball with a stick such as hockey, baseball, cricket etc hence basing golf on this fact would not be completely correct. Countries such as Italy, France, England, China claim that they are the true inventor even many Asian countries have evidences of the existence of golf. Every country had some or the other game similar to golf and hence it is a mystery.

Most of the games similar to golf were player before 300 BC and hence it is impossible to find the real inventor of this game. Hence there is no single answer to it. Well, there is actually an answer and it is that “no one knows” when it was invented. The game might have started when the earth was created hence the universe can be considered as the creator of this wonderful game. Scotland can be considered as the creator if you are looking or specific answers they were the first to start using holes in this game. And everyone is aware that golf is incomplete without hole in its current form.

We should enjoy this wonderful game and the beautiful golf courses instead of worrying about the creator of this game. Finding the creator is not going to make it any less or more favorable to the people who love this game. This game will be enjoyed by all no matter where it evolved!!

 More about the history can be found at wikipedia

Learn golf while having fun with golf simulators

Golf as a sport is addictive to only few players who do well in this sport. For others there is no other game more mind numbing than a round of golf. After all who likes to keep hitting the ball all around the course and the walk towards it to again hit the same? This is the reason why golf is still restricted to a limited population.

With the introduction of golf simulators like Bogolf the game has become much more interesting and people who would not even watch the game, have started playing it on a simulator since it is much more entertaining experience than playing on the real golf courses. It chucks out all the boring things from the real game and only leaves you with the fun stuff. You do not have to walk the course or search the ball after you hit the shot. On a simulator you just hit the ball and it will automatically be ready for you to take the next shot.

It has been observed that any sports when made into a game are liked by people who have no interest in that sport. Also when the sport is simulated there are many additional things such as custom courses which can really be fun to play. Along with that, it also provides the capability to play and compete with other players over a network. Losing a game is not as bad as losing real competition; hence most people are not scared to lose this game while playing on a sim. Another advantage is that you do not have to worry about the weather conditions outside. You play indoors and hence the winter or rainy season cannot play spoil sports to your game and you can play the game all year without any interference.


All the above stuff mentioned is for casual players. However for people who are serious about golfing, simulator is much more than just a game. It gives you the realistic experience of playing the real game with accuracy. You can not only practice the game but also improve the various aspects of your game with the help of advanced features provided by the simulators. Some of the most useful features are video swing analyzers, club path and face reading, club and ball fitting. Hence you can see that these devices are very versatile and can be used both for entertainment as well s training purposes.